LAB3W works on corporate networks and takes care of the network and the outsourcing o...

Installation and maintenance of IPv4 / v6 networks , installation and administration of servers of applications, creation of Clouds .

  • Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Iphone, GNU / Linux, Android operating systems.
  • Internal / external peripherals (scanners, printers, smartphones, tablets, APN ).
  • Application Servers: Active Directory (Windows | Linux), NAS , Web, files, tickets, backups, emails, databases data, versioning ..
  • Company networks: LAN , SWAN - VXLANs : Virtual (4/6 / Secure) Local Area Networks.

Thanks to GNU / Linux technology and its derivative OPerating Systems LAB3W offers efficient and stable products.

On-site or remote maintenance of devices.

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O. Romain Jaillet-ramey

Description of the LAB3W IT outsourcing services: O.Romain.Jaillet-ramey

Let me manage your system and network infrastructure, patch rooms, routers, computer servers for you.
Machine installation Linux, Windows, Windows Server, MAC OS Installation of the basic system, plus IP address configurations (v4 / v6) 150-350 euro / unit
SSH installation Installation of the secure SHell telecommunication server. 20 euro / unit
Installation of file server, network neighborhood server Installation and configuration of access to directories by user / password pair. 150-250 euro / unit
Installation of FTP server (s) Installation and configuration of access to directories by user / password pair. 150-250 euro / unit
Web server installation - HTTP (s) Basic installation, plus additional libraries (php, gd, json). 150-250 euro / unit
Database installation (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Installation of the database, plus the management web interface. 120 euro / unit
Backup system installation Backup system on the same server or by remote access. 150-250 euro / unit
DNS installation Installation and management of the domain name server, either locally (for your company) or for the Internet. 120-1500 euro / year
Web Proxy Installation Installation and management of the transparent server. No configuration on client workstations. 120-3500 euro / year
Firewall installation Installation and management of your server's firewall. 120-1000 euro / year
VPN installation Installation and management of the Access Concentrator of your interconnected points of contact between your sites (business, home, ambulant). 150-3500 euro / year
Mail server installation Installation of mail services and a web interface for mail management for users. 150-3500 euro / year
IP & OS networks maintenance Depending on the configuration and the number of devices connected to the computer park.

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100-5000 euro / month

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